My Professional Development Goal for 2014-2015

Professional Development

Professional Development Goal: Every year each teacher at PDS participates in a yearlong conversation with his/her administrator and colleagues that includes the following components: reading and research, reflection, goal setting, planning, collaboration, implementation and feedback.

As part of this process, each teacher will identify a professional development goal that relates directly to classroom teaching and learning. It should have practical application and impact in the current year, and it should align with the school’s broad institutional goals and/or institutional philosophies about teaching and learning. The goal should be measurable. Teachers who fully achieve their goal will earn $500.

Goal: Work together with the other members of the 6th grade team to transition from our departmental approach to reading, social studies, and English to an interdisciplinary approach to humanities that will merge the essential skills and understandings from the original classes.

Steps to Achieve Goal:  (Please include a list of books/articles/ videos that you plan to read or view during the summer.)

1.    Read the following texts to decide their appropriateness as reading selections for the course:

2.    Meet as a Humanities team 2-3 times this summer to plan for the upcoming school year.

3.    Meet weekly as a team during the 2014-2015 school year to continue developing curriculum, to check our progress, and to make revisions.

4.    Coordinate our plans with the STEM team to ensure seamless implementation and begin considering how reading and writing can be threaded into science and math instruction also.

Final Product: Our product will be ongoing observations and conversations with Susan and the team with a culminating discussion at the end of each trimester about the progress.

Note: I submitted this goal to my administrator in May before the end of this past school year. I’m just now getting around to posting it here as I attempt to re-establish my writing practices. Two of my teammates share this goal with me, and we are working on it together. I’m posting this on my blog for my own personal documentation and accountability. I also hope to track my personal progress toward the goal by blogging about it over the course of the 2014-2015 school year.


4 thoughts on “My Professional Development Goal for 2014-2015”

  1. I love reading about your plans, and the amazingly collaborative environment where you teach. The move to Humanities and STEM departments is an interesting one and I look forward to hearing how it goes. I especially like the idea of evaluating potential student texts as a group.

    1. Thanks, Paul, and thanks for commenting. I have mixed feelings about it. I’m excited about the possibilities of the interdisciplinary approach and the opportunity to work even more closely with my colleagues, but I’m nervous about it, too. It’s still a little too obtuse for me as far as how we will manage our time and ensure that all students receive what they need. My guess is that most of my fears will subside after a few days working the new schedule, but I’m still antsy about it right now.

  2. Love this post, Philip! The interdisciplinary approach, the inclusion of specific resources, the collaboration…

    What I like most is that you are looking to your extended PLN and sharing your goal with us for an added level of accountability. The great thing is that now we know what you are working on and if we find something that might be of interest or help to you, we can share it with you.

    I am hoping you have marked your calendar with checkpoint dates to remind yourself to update us! I, along with the rest of your PLN, am looking forward to watching you achieve your goal!

    1. Thanks, Ashley. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I’m trying to develop a more regular blogging/writing habit. I had a posting schedule that I have completely abandoned over the past year. I’m working on a plan that should help me post more frequently, and I’ll certainly provide updates on this official goal as I go. I do need the accountability. Thanks for any help you can provide with it (and any resources you might want to share, too).

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